BPM SaaS - SEO Case Study

380K Monthly Organic Traffic in 24 Months

We helped a US-based business process management SaaS grow their website & product with SEO. In over 24 months, we helped them reach 380,000+ monthly organic traffic.

Key Info

When we started working with the client, their website was ranking for a handful of keywords and was driving around 8,000 monthly organic traffic. We helped increase that number by over 4,772%.

8K initial organic traffic

Less than 8K monthly organic visitors

380K current organic traffic

Top monthly traffic - 380,322 visitors - a 4,772% growth over 24 months.

431+% MRR growth

The SEO traffic helped growth MRR by over 400%

24 months duration

We started working with from May 2017 until August 2020

170K+ words of SEO content

We wrote 171,893 words of SEO content

216 organic links gained

Good content can get links organically over time

Want to learn how we did it?

We outline the exact steps we take to achieve these kind of results for all of our clients in our SEO case study

Here's a quick run-down of what we did:

✔️ Keyword Research Audit. We reviewed the client’s keyword research, eliminated irrelevant keywords, and added 200+ new ones that were relevant for the business.

✔️ Content Audit. We audited existing content to make sure that there are no cases of content cannibalization (multiple articles aiming for the same keyword).

✔️ Writer Guidelines & Outlines. We created writer guidelines to improve the content quality of the writing team.

✔️ Content Writing. We wrote over 170,000 words of SEO content.

✔️ Ongoing Interlinking. On an ongoing basis, we ensured that all published articles were properly interlinked with each other.

✔️ Improving Blog Visuals. We revamped the blog’s visuals to make content easier to read and skim.

✔️ Ongoing CTR Optimization. We constantly tracked article CTRs and optimized them for conversion.

✔️ Continuous Monitoring and Improvement. On an ongoing basis, we looked for articles that didn’t rank and figured out the reason behind it.

workflow software seo case study semrush traffic

Roadmap to getting 380K monthly organic traffic in 24 months

Tallyfy SEO case study - Apollo Digital

Results Highlights

We outline the exact steps we take to achieve these kind of results for all of our clients in our SEO case study

Here's a quick run-down of what we did:

✔️ 0 to 200,000 monthly organic traffic in 2 years.

✔️ CPC value of over $369,000 per month (meaning, if the client was running ads to the keywords we were ranking for organically, they’d be spending over $369,000 per month).

✔️ Top 3 rankings for extremely competitive keywords. E.g. Business automation software (25 USD CPC), BPM solutions (20 USD CPC), and others.

✔️ 170,000 words of SEO content written spread over 90 blog posts and landing pages.

workflow software seo case study semrush traffic

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