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Apollo Digital PPC Services

PPC Account Management

We provide ROI-driven online advertising for all platforms - Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the easiest and cheapest way to reach a large audience. We help you run creative targeted FB ads to drive sales or user acquisition.

Facebook ads are perfect for most B2C businesses, such as...


  • Service Businesses
  • E-Commerce Companies
  • B2C Software Companies
  • and more...

Google Search Ads

Using search ads, you can run ads to people looking for specific terms. 

If there are customers out there who are looking for YOUR business, this makes it significantly easier for them to find you.

Our search ad experts find the right keywords to target (you know, the ones that convert into customers), while our copywriters create engaging, hard-to-miss ad copies.

Google Search Ads can be useful for just about any type of company, as long as your product isn’t something groundbreaking that no one ever searches for.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads have a bad rep for being expensive. For the right company, though, the ROI can be insane.

The main benefit of working with LI ads is that you can target professionals based on their field, expertise, seniority, and so on.

LinkedIn ads are powerful for...

  • B2B Companies - Targeting the right decision-makers in specific organizations
  • Companies that sell luxury goods - Running ads to high net-worth individuals, most likely to buy whatever you’re offering
  • Recruitment companies - Looking to hire for a hard-to-fill role? You can target ads to people with specific skillsets or work experiences.

Remarketing Management

Remarketing is advertising served to individuals that recently visited your website. This makes it significantly more likely for them to remember your brand, as well as eventually make a purchase.

Remarketing is useful for just about any online business. Depending on your niche, though, there are different ways to use it. For example, we can serve ads to…

  • Individuals who did NOT convert
  • Individuals who visited a page that shows buyer intent (Pricing page, for example)
  • Individuals who already bought a product from your site, and are likely to buy another
  • And more...

PPC Audit

Have you worked with online ads before but failed to deliver the right results?

We’re going to give your accounts an extensive audit and figure out how to turn your losing ads into your #1 money-maker.

This involves:

  • Auditing your strategy, targeting, and ads
  • Pin-pointing problems and potential improvements in your existing strategy
  • Changing (or re-creating from scratch) your online advertising strategy
  • Getting you that sweet ROI!

It’s Time to Boost your ROI from PPC

Need Continuous Free Traffic?

PPC can become expensive over time. If you want users to keep seeing your ads, you need to keep on paying for them. If you’re looking to drive free, organic traffic and sales to your website continuouslywe can help you with that through SEO and SEM.