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We completely take over your SEO, managing pretty much anything that needs to be done - content, technical optimization, promotion, and more.

Apollo Digital SEO Services

What we've done
in the past year...


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Our Latest Case Study

📈From 0 to 200K monthly organic traffic in 2 years

🥇Top rankings for high competition, high CPC ($25+) keywords

✍🏻200+ authority content pieces created

Our SEO Process

Step #1 - Technical SEO Audit

We audit your website to make sure it's optimized for SEO. This includes:

📈 Figuring out how to improve your website load speed by 2x - 10x

🥇Analyzing all your web pages, and ensuring that they meet SEO best practices

✍🏻Ensuring that you don't have any duplicate pages


Step #2 - Content Audit

We extract all of your site content and analytics data using Screaming Frog and URL Profiler. We then analyze all your web pages, ensuring that you're following SEO best practices:

📈 Making sure that all your web pages are optimized for Google

🥇Ensuring that all your content is extremely high-quality

✍🏻Looking for instances of keyword cannibalization

...And more.

SEO content audit example

Want to see what a typical content audit looks like? Check it out here.

Example SEO keyword research

Step #3 - Keyword Research

We do keyword research and uncover 100-200+ potential keywords to target for your business. This usually involves:

📈Using SEMrush to steal ideas from your competitors

🥇Using Keyword Planner and UberSuggest to come up with new keyword ideas

✍🏻Prioritizing keywords by potential for conversion, search volume, and difficulty

From then on, we use the keyword sheet to keep track of all content operations.

Want to see what a typical keyword research looks like? Check out a sample here.

Step #4 - Content Creation

On an ongoing basis, we create top quality content for your blog. Our content creation process involves...

  1. We look at what your competitors have written, steal some ideas, and aim to create something that's 2x - 5x better

  2. We use Reddit and Quora to do some primary research on what, exactly, people want to know about a given topic (and incorporate it in the article)

  3. We create a comprehensive article that's significantly better than anything that's already published. We optimize it for SEO using RankMath, include relevant images, and deliver it to you pre-formatted for your CMS

Here's the content quality you can expect:

SaaS Marketing
SEO Content
Content Marketing Case Study

Example SEO keyword research

Step #5 - Link Building

On a monthly basis, we do link-building for your top content pieces.

Our link-building process involves...

  • Deciding on the pages or articles to do link-building for
  • Using SEMrush and Google to find all the web pages that your content would add value to
  • Using tools like hunter.io and ClearBit connect to find prospect's emails
  • Sending a personalized email to all the prospects

Step #6 - Ongoing Tracking & Improvement

We constantly keep track of your website & SEO, making adjustments or improvements when needed. This includes

  • Improving CTR rates by optimizing your headlines
  • Disavowing bad links
  • Upgrading content when needed
  • Helping you optimize your conversion rates

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